Troy, MI Wine Publication is Capturing the Attention of Content Sponsors!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Troy, MI Wine Publication is Capturing the Attention of Content Sponsors!

Rethink, shift, and embrace a new way to learn and discover wine

Troy, MI:  How it Began – Six years ago, Mark Powers set out to help consumers rethink, shift, and embrace a new way to learn and discover wine. What started out as an online publication with a simple mission to bring wine industry people, their passion, and their stories to the world has started to transform and alter an industry’s structure, driving new ways to produce, distribute, and monetize content across its landscape and is one of the reasons why Uncorked Monthly has caught the attention of content sponsors. Content sponsors receive a specific and distinct section of content located on

The sponsored content will often match the subject matter, as well as a targeted audience, for the advertisement/sponsorship on Our advertising/content sponsorship program goes beyond simply offering up an ad. A big part of Uncorked Monthly’s success with advertisers and sponsors is contributed to their brand engagement platform, which consist of aggregated consumers who have demonstrated a qualified interest in a particular topic (e.g., Wine, Travel, Music, Food, Luxury, Art).

Many marketing leaders take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves, organically building change into their approach and organization. But innovation in marketing should be much more than moving into digital, testing social applications, or dabbling in mobile. Uncorked Monthly has set out to provide marketers/content sponsors an opportunity to redefine how their companies will interact and engage with consumers and customers now and in the future. Uncorked Monthly delivers the World’s Best Wine Interviews and offers consumers access to EXCLUSIVE can’t find anywhere else wine interviews and informative wine show content.

As Uncorked Monthly continues to build their vision for future customer engagement, taking into account the whole marketing mix, their focus is on building a marketing innovation road map to chart how Uncorked Monthly will adapt their methods while formalizing near-term opportunities for testing and learning, making sure that testing is done as part of a plan and delivers results when it comes time to launching content sponsor campaigns. For Mark Powers our founder, it’s all about bringing a new way for everyday wine lovers to explore wine. “As you get to know us, you will find that we are passionate about the wine industry and consumers that want to learn about wine. This is the main reason why I started Uncorked Monthly. We have established and built strong relationships with Vineyard/Winery owners and their winemakers and is the premise behind our publication’s success.” said Powers

Uncorked Monthly brings you into the daily lives of the most humble, funny, and passionate people in the wine industry. We share their stories and help wine consumers around the world learn to appreciate wine at a whole new level. Uncorked Monthly is cutting through the stereotypical stodginess of wine by getting behind the winemakers “why”, their passion, and their interests outside the wine industry. To keep the momentum this team has going, Uncorked Monthly is heading to Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Mendocino California to begin pre-production on its new TV Docu-Series called Beyond the Vine. Viewers of Beyond The Vine follow the host, Mark Powers, as he takes them behind the scenes of Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Mendocino’s best Vineyards and their Winemakers.

“With our growing audience and ability to localize our content, we are able to help content sponsors meet and exceed their marketing and brand objectives.” Said Powers

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