Podcast: Mark Beaman, Wine Maker at The Mendocino Wine Company

UCM-IconListen to our exclusive interview with Mark Beaman, Wine Maker at Mendocino Wine Company and read the article. Beaman has a real relationship with the wines he creates find out why.

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Moniker Winemaker Mark Beaman has always had a strong connection to the land and a passion for agriculture. Raised in a family of wheat farmers in Walla Walla, Washington—another acclaimed winegrowing region—Mark later joined the Peace Corps working on soil conservation projects in Tanzania.

It was there in East Africa that Mark experienced the fermentation process first-hand, having befriended a local man who made honey wine. Bitten by the wine bug, Mark returned to Washington where he worked at Columbia Crest Winery before joining us as enologist in 2004.

Desiring to work for a small family winery, Mark found his home at Moniker. “I like that the Thornhills are very progressive in their farming practices and are clearly committed to crafting the highest-quality wines possible.” He especially enjoys making wine in Mendocino County because of the wide range of varietals the county’s microclimates and soil types support.

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