How We Roll

Wine is subjective

As you get to know us, you will find that we are passionate about the wine industry and consumers that want to learn about wine. While we certainly have our own biases, we promise that the content is never influenced by financial incentives. We genuinely care about our visitors and the integrity of our brand.

Wine Placement

You will see wine in our content. We receive wines as sample donations for our New Bottle Experience prior to conducting our featured interview with Vineyard/Winery Owners and Winemakers. Before a wine ends up on our site, our founder selects a group of people made up of wine 101’s and industry folks for a taste test. We believe that wine tasting should be fun. An exploration for the senses. A way to understand what’s in your glass.

Uncorked Monthly’s New Bottle Experience is a wine tasting app that helps us do just that. Notice more. Taste more. And yes, it’s possible, enjoy wine even more. A company cannot pay us to do this, it’s at our own discretion.

Affiliate Links

Some products/services are available through affiliates. Which means Uncorked Monthly receives a small kickback if you purchase the item. If an affiliate link is available we’ll use it to help generate revenue, however we never give preferential treatment to affiliate products.


We encourage everyone to contribute in the comments. Disagreements are going to happen as the internet troll population is flourishing and there is no shortage of jerks. Being rude, unintelligible, or having poor taste isn’t enough to warrant removing a comment. Here is what we don’t tolerate:

  • SPAM (of any type).
  • Violating the law.
  • Infringing on another visitor’s privacy.
  • Uncivilized language/behavior.

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