Bogan’s Guide to Wine: La La Land Malbec 2015 Murray Darling, Victoria

La La Land Malbec 2015 Murray Darling, Victoria

LA LA LAND - MALBEC - 2013In a remote corner of north western Victoria known as the Murray Darling wine region, a movement is happening. A small group of Australian wine makers are experimenting with Mediterranean grape varieties, and La La Land Wines is at the forefront.

In sunny Red Cliff just outside of Mildura, winemaker, Frank Newman, is crafting La La Land’s range of wines from family owned estate vineyards. Wine runs through Frank’s blood. When his family first came to Australia in the early 1960s they were sponsored by the owner of the renowned Penfolds. When Frank finished high school he was offered the opportunity to work with Penfolds’ Magill Estate Winery just outside of Adelaide. It was here that Frank fell in love with every aspect of the winemaking process.

Frank’s career at Penfolds spanned decades. He worked in and around the South Australian wine regions, learning from those who came before him and imparting his winery wisdom to those that followed in his footsteps. In 2015 Frank jumped across the border to Victoria, joining La La Land wines. Here, he was presented with the opportunity to do something with the Mediterranean varietals that had been planted on the estate.

A lot of big forest red fruit here and a touch of vanilla from the well integrated oak. A medium body wine with a good balance.

Flavours: Plum, Cherry, Spice

Origin: La La Land wines come from the Red Cliffs vineyard near Mildura in the north-west of Victoria, and are made in a deliberately up-front and early-drinking style by Dr Phil Spillman, who has made wines for some of the most prestigious wineries of the Antipodes.
Taste: Approachable and fruit-driven, this is a wine filled with bold forest-fruit flavours and a supple feel, supported by subtle hints of vanilla and dark chocolate.
Enjoy: Ready to drink now or after short-term cellaring. Recommended food pairings are pulled pork sliders or barbecued ribs.


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