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Let us help you take advantage of broad passions depicting a consumer’s lifestyle rather than niche curiosities to reach your perfect audience and achieve reach and frequency within that group.

Our advertising program goes beyond simply offering you an ad. A big part of our success with advertisers and sponsors is attributed to Uncorked Monthly’s brand engagement platform, which consists of aggregated consumers who have demonstrated a qualified interest in a particular topic (e.g., Wine, Travel, Food, Luxury, Art).
Brand Engagement Platform
The Uncorked Monthly brand engagement program was designed to qualify consumer interest through our sophisticated machine learning and ongoing human rating that verifies algorithmic accuracy — this way, you only reach those who have shown a proven interest in a topic related to your brand.
Advertiser Ad Formats
F = Featured Top and Bottom ad placement
H = Home Right side ad placement
FS = Full site Top, Bottom, and Right side ad placement
EC = Email Campaign Top, Bottom, and Right side ad placement
TM = Text Marketing Stay top-of-mind with email and text message marketing
SMM = Social Media Marketing Branded bottom ad placement on featured interview posts
Uncorked Monthly’s affinity audiences help us move beyond demographics and reach people who care about your brand(s) so Uncorked Monthly can engage with precise audiences at scale. For us, it’s about targeting highly specific audiences, which results in improved engagement, increased brand loyalty, and a higher number of direct sales. Creating strong brand recall can lead to improved brand engagement. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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