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Hello and thank you for helping Uncorked Monthly become the premier online wine publication for people that enjoy wine. As you get to know us, you will find that we are passionate about the wine industry and consumers that want to learn about wine. This is the main reason why our founder Mark Powers started Uncorked Monthly.Building relationships with Vineyard/Winery owners and their winemakers is the premise behind our publication’s success.

By building strong relationships with our Vineyard/Winery friends, we are able to establish a closer connection and understanding for the people behind it all and discover what fuels their passion for the wine they produce for all of us to enjoy.

Sharing stories and bringing audiences into the the daily lives of Vineyard owners & Winemakers around the world is something that we take great pride in.

Come join the fun today and help us bring together individuals who not only have a passion for wine, but also want to be a part of a much large movement where their voice is being communicated and heard by other like-minded people.

For Mark our founder, it’s all about bringing a new way for everyday wine lovers to explore wine. He believes that through our exclusive Featured Interviews and New Bottle Experiences, we are able to deliver an experience that doesn’t exist for wine consumers today. This approach makes them feel more connected to the vineyard/winery and their wines. Uncorked Monthly is cutting through the stereotypical stodginess of wine and getting behind the winemakers “why” and their passion behind the wines they produce for all of us to enjoy. Thank you for your time and consideration in helping Uncorked Monthly become the premier online wine publication for the wine enthusiast.


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To bring wine industry people, their passion, and their stories to the world.








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